Omega and its creator, Nico Mastorakis, have always had a keen eye for new talent. And the "breaks" they gave to the then relatively unknown, were rewarded when stardom came for them. Here's a list of "debutantes" in Nico's daring decisions to trust new faces and fresh ideas.

Vangelis: Then, a fine arts student, convinced by Nico to write music. Together they wrote some 28 songs - all of them big hits in Greece's booming pop scene of the 60s. Today, one of the world's most celebrated composers, with an Academy Award for "Chariots Of Fire" and as many film credits ("Blade Runner") as any composer could desire.

Hans Zimmer: Then, a part-time collaborator to composer Stanley Myers, seeking his first break at a feature. Nico trusted him with the score of "Terminal Exposure". Today, perhaps the hottest film composer in the world, with 20 huge features and one Academy Award.

Kirstie Alley: Then, a starving actress looking for a lead in a movie. Nico gave her that lead in "Blind Date". Today, one of the hottest Hollywood stars ("Look Who's Talking") with many Emmys and nominations to go with her indisputable talent.

Two rare pin-up shots of (then) 17-year-old Valeria Gollino, in her one-line "Blind Date" role, much before Venice Film Festival acting awards, "Rainman" and "Hot Shots". Valeria is now a still young, still beautiful and always a very talented Hollywood actress.

Valeria Gollino: Then, a totally unknown starlet. Nico gave her a small speaking part in "Blind Date" and, at the age of 17, that small part jump-started her career. Now, one of Hollywood's most respected actresses, with international awards and critically acclaimed or commercial hits like "Rainman" and "Hot Shots".

Peter Rader : Then, a young director-writer, peddling his first project around Hollywood. Nico trusted him with "Grandmother's House" and "Hired To Kill". Today, one of Hollywood's high priced writers, after he wrote the original script of "Waterworld".

Dwight Little: Then, a hungry Director looking for a feature. Nico trusted him with the reigns of "Bloodstone" in India. Today one of the hottest action Directors in the world.

Kirk Ellis : Then, a former reporter for a trade paper and a freelance writer. Nico trusted him with the co-authoring of more than 7 screenplays, which led him to working for Francis Ford Copolla's Zoetrope Studios for a few years.

And the list goes on. Cinematographers, writers, directors and actors who worked for Omega in their first steps into the entertainment world, soon became important elements in the business. What's more important though is Omega's continuing quest for new talent, which warrants long shelf life to its projects and a value-for-money high return to its international distributors.


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