Actress Kim Valentine plays Lynn, the stalker's first victim. Valentine played the lead in Nico's production "Grandmother's House", twelve years ago. Strangely enough, her role in that movie was also "Lynn"!

Nastassja Kinski, in a moment of desperation.

Newcomer Jeffery Dean plays the obsessed Werther with sensitivity and coldness.

Nicollette Sheridan, faced with the live broadcast of a murder over the Internet.

Roger Daltrey plays Kinski's boyfriend, an architect obsessed with automation and computer control.

Pop singer Huey Lewis plays a computer-mistrusting FBI agent.

One of the movie's most frightening moments.

Julie Strain, an actress with a cult following ( "Heavy Metal" Magazine), plays an Internet peep-room stripper.

Another Internet stripper, played by Shelley Michelle, well-known body double for Julia Roberts, singer and dancer.

"Spawn" co-star Melinda Clarke, plays a trigger-happy FBI agent.

Nastassja Kinski in a moment of sheer terror

Kinski in a wheel chair where she spent most of the scenes of ".com for murder".

Nastassja Kinski and Nicollette Sheridan, faced with a dilemma.

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