Portrait of a true independent


 Developing screenplays for its own low-to-medium budget productions for which Omega does all the foreign sales. Our features in the U.S. have been released through Paramount, New Line, United Artists, Goldwyn, HBO, Showtime, CBS and foreign by the premiere majors in each country (The BBC, VPS, UFA, Nippon Herald etc.).

 Developing larger scale projects for studios, major independents and television networks.

With major publishers, developing novels (fiction) with feature film potential.

Developing and producing television series and movies.

Designing and managing television and radio stations in foreign countries.

Omega has so far employed its own in-house staff writers, keeping the development costs of first-draft screenplays to a realistic minimum. We produce an average of 14 scripts and 20 television concepts per year. We also create in-house all advertising copy, artwork, press book and DVD design and authoring. 


Omega owns 100% of all negatives for the features it has produced. All of Omega's features have been shot in 35mm, with Dolby or Ultrasound stereo, M&Es, IPs, low con prints, internegs, digital video masters and all publicity servicing elements.


Omega has zero debt, large cash reserves and an even larger working capital for development and production. Its assets (including real estate, equipment, broadcast facilities, vehicles and film negatives) exceed a total of $40 million.

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