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In this sweet family story, a young girl copes with the loss of her mother, and finds hope in the mysterious appearance of a beautiful white horse named "Rose"
Cast: Heidi Creel, Sam Taft, Lynn Marie Sager
Director: Paul McKellips
In this action-packed bone-chilling trip into terror, a couple inadvertently stumbles upon a town-gone-mad where the unsuspecting population is being used in a plot to test powerful, mind-altering chemicals.
Cast: George Kennedy, Bo Hopkins, Wings Hauser
Director: Nico Mastorakis
There's humor even on the dark side in this eerle, suspenseful tale of an average family's Christmas turned topsy-turvy by the unexpected arrival of four offbeat strangers who invade the house then cajole the family to participate in bizarre life-after-death rituals.
Cast : Daniel Hirsch, David Schroeder, Rochelle Savitt
Director: David Fulk
An eager group of misfit martial art students combine their talents to defeat the rival ninjas to prove that the good guys always win.
Cast: Will Egan, Kelly Randall, Gerald Okomura
Director: Nico Mastorakis
The bitter sweet story of a middle aged man who is struggling to come to terms with a life of personal and professional failure; a woman he deserted years ago and a son he never knew he had.
Cast: Richard Cox, Jessica Harper, Martin Balsam, Frances Sternhagen
Director: Amin Chaudhri


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