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A creative force of one, a talent scout with an eye for fresh ideas and young actors / directors / writers, a trend setter in the independent community of film makers and distributors, Nico Mastorakis is the man behind Omega's world-wide success. His adventurous career spans from journalism to radio and from television to features. A "lone wolf" by conviction in a few lines:

Born in Athens, Greece. Academic studies (journalism, literature, and languages).

Initially, a reporter (with four of the major newspapers in Greece, twice awarded for high standards of journalism and ethics). Record Producer - Lyricist (he wrote and produce many hit singles with Vangelis), Concert Promoter (brought The Rolling Stones to Athens for the first time, in 1967) and Radio Producer / DJ (some 3,000 hours of live and taped radio shows).

A Television Director / Writer / Producer (wrote, produced, directed and hosted some 2,500 hours of live and taped TV shows, including This Is Your Life, Candid Camera etc.). He did the first ever commercial program on Greek TV, then he created “Bingo”, the very first game show, which evolved into Greek TV’s first live show (as “Super Bingo”) and remained for six years the number one rated program in the country. Finally, in 1974, he switched to film.

An Independent Producer / Director / Writer. He wrote, produced and directed two low-budget features ("Death Has Blue Eyes" and "Island Of Death") before getting involved in The Greek Tycoon (staring Anthony Quinn and Jacqueline Bisset), which he created, wrote the script and produced for ABKCO Films and Universal.

A major studio producer, under contract to Paramount Pictures. He developed various feature film properties and wrote (with Barnaby Conrad) two published novels: Keepers Of The Secret (Jove) and Fire Below Zero (Dell).

Since 1979, when he left Paramount, he has been a true Independent. Producer / Writer / Director and President & CEO of Omega Entertainment and its subsidiaries. "Red Tide"  Writer / Producer. "The Time Traveler" Writer / Producer / Director. "Blind Date"  Writer / Producer / Director. "Skyhigh" , "The Zero Boys" ,"Nightmare At Noon" and "Terminal Exposure" Writer / Producer / Director
"Grandmother's House" Producer, "Bloodstone"  Writer / Producer, "Glitch", "Ninja Academy" , "Hired To Kill" , "In The Cold Of The Night" , "The Naked Truth" Writer / Producer / Director, “.com For Murder” Writer / Producer / Director. Some of these features have received top prizes and awards from various international festivals and many had excellent reviews.

In 1990, he single-handedly designed and launched Antenna Television, Greece's major independent network, which has been ever since the number one in ratings and revenue.

His extensive involvement included acquisition of international programming, training the news team, designing and producing many new formats and shows, creating the entire logo and Station ID package, creating and training a special events department that soon delivered the highest rated live shows in the country.

In 1993 he designed, launched and managed (as Chairman and CEO) the Star Channel, which, from day one, became Greece's third biggest network.

His duties involved complete technical design of six studios, three mobile units, in-house production teams, hiring a staff of 560, designing everything from logos to live shows, producing and directing most of them and running the day-to-day operations of the network. From inception to launch it took only seven months.

He also created and hosted a new late-night talk show, which topped the ratings and changed the way talk shows are produced in Greece. After his departure of from the network, Star Channel slipped in the ratings and has been struggling to regain fourth position but not without increasing its operating budget ten fold.
With the late Jose Ferrer, star of "Hired To kill"

His brief involvement with the Miss Universe 2000 Pageant, resulted to the fruition of long and demanding negotiations for Cyprus to host the event; citing irreconcilable differences with the Government of Cyprus and the increasing tension between the Miss Universe Organization and Ministers of the host country, he quit the event two months before the telecast. His departure from the production, cost Cyprus a lot of money and aggravation and Miss Universe and CBS resorted to attorneys to be able to claim their cash fee ($ 4 mill) which Cyprus failed to pay. "My real talent", says Nico, "is to get out of such messy situations quickly, when all remedies of diplomacy and professionalism have failed".

In 1995, he created his own radio station, Radio Gold which became instantly the #1 classic rock station in the country. Radio Gold was shut down (for speaking freely) by the corrupt and oppressive ministers of the socialist government of Kostas Simitis, which, after eight years in power, was replaced by the Karamanlis / Nea Dimokratia government in 2004. Nico fought the corrupt government’s injustice tooth and nail for three years and won, in Greece’s Superior Court, re-opening Radio Gold and gaining one of the top positions in Greece’s music radio list. Radio Gold now broadcasts on the FM band in the Athens / Attica region, all over Europe via satellite and on the web via broadband.

As a consultant for Alpha TV Network, he and his creative force designed the promotional package of the station and boosted ratings. He also produced and directed a whole season of “Candid Camera” and “A Mad, Mad, Mad Planet” for the station, scoring high marks with young audiences.

In all, Nico Mastorakis has written 2 novels and 37 screenplays, produced 19 features, wrote and directed 15, edited 12 and mixed the sound for 17 of them. 

He is considered a "Renaissance man", a filmmaker who goes from story to script to the actual movie to post to the tag line to the sales and marketing campaign. As a great promoter and salesman, he revolutionized the way independents promoted and sold their product, with impressive yet inexpensive campaigns in Cannes, MIFED and the AFM. For a long time, in the independent sales community, anything that was a cut above the ordinary, was labeled as "The Mastorakis style" and, justifiably, GQ Magazine wrote that "Mastorakis can sell a refrigerator to an Eskimo".

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