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Nastassja Kinski burst onto the film scene with a starring role in Roman Polanski's “Tess” for which she earned a Golden Globe for Best Actress. Only eighteen years old at the time, Nastassja became an immediate sensation for bringing to the screen an instinctively innocent yet romantic persona. Daughter of famous German actor Klaus Kinski, she has since made a long and enduring career both as an international film star and a high-profile model. Over the years she has won the prestigious Donatello Award for her role in “Maria's Lovers,” and Germany's Bundespreis for “Symphony of Love”, and starred in other highly acclaimed films like “Paris, Texas,” and Paul Schrader's “Cat People.” With her ageless beauty, romantic sensuality and formidable performances, she has maintained an astonishing appeal to audiences worldwide. Most recently she has starred in “One Night Stand”, “The Claim”, “Red Letters” and the soon-to-be-released “An American Rhapsody.”

British born Nicollette Sheridan first came into the national spotlight as the catty vixen Paige Matheson on “Knots Landing.” Bringing the role to life for seven years, this wonderful actress is sometimes addressed by fans who still see her as the notorious Paige. A versatile actress with extended range, Nicollette has appeared in Leslie Nielsen's spoof “Spy Hard,” opposite Chris Fairly in the popular “Beverly Hills Ninja,” and 1999's “Raw Nerve.” In addition, Nicollette has worldwide TV appeal, starring in such projects as “The People Next Door” for CBS, “The Spiral Staircase,” “Dead Husbands,” and “Shadows of Desire” to name but a few.

As a founding member of the legendary The Who, Roger Daltrey rose to worldwide fame as the most powerful vocalist in rock history. Along with guitarist Pete Townsend, Daltrey made anthems out of such smash hits as “Babba O'Reilly,” “Magic Bus”, “Who Are You,” and one of rock's all time classics, “My Generation.” He made his acting debut playing the title character in Ken Russell's film version of The Who's rock opera “Tommy.” Jon Landau of Rolling Stone wrote: “Roger Daltrey makes a sensational screen debut. He comes off as a natural, at ease in front of the camera, remarkably unselfconscious.” Roger was such a natural that Ken Russell signed him to star in his next production “Lisztomania.” Balancing his phenomenal success in music with a serious acting career, Roger has since touched people with his heartfelt performances in movies such as “McVicar” a story about train robber John McVicar. Roger also co-produced and scored the hit soundtrack. He has also appeared in “Chasing Destiny,” “Dark Prince,” and will star in the upcoming “Chemical Wedding.”

As the dynamic frontman for a quintessential American rock band, Huey Lewis has rightfully earned his mark on the pop history map. His pop hits include the beloved anthem “The Heart of Rock n' Roll,” “I want a New Drug” and “The Power of Love.” Huey has also been in several movies, his first appearance being a memorable cameo in “Back to the Future,” in which he played a teacher judging bands for a school dance. He also had a very prominent role in Robert Altman's acclaimed “Short Cuts, and appears in “Sphere” and “Reasonable Doubt.” This year he was featured in a starring role opposite Gwyneth Paltrow in the off-beat karaoke drama “Duets.” Still with his band, The News, Huey will have a new album out later this year.

As a special cameo in our film, Roger W. Morgan has more than 40 years in radio and is one of the nation's premier disc jockeys, and a broadcast legend. Spinning classic tunes on KGOR, Roger has the most listened to retro rock show in the world. No stranger to film and television, Roger was featured in numerous episodes of “The Streets of San Francisco” starring Karl Malden and Michael Douglas, and had a role in the Clint Eastwood film, “The Enforcer.” As president of the Carson Feltz Broadcast Group and with his widely syndicated radio show, Roger will assist in promoting “.com for Murder” to a world wide market.

The subject of many celebrity websites, Melinda Clarke, is the center of a very loyal and dedicated fan base. She is renowned as the infamous and sexy 'leather killer' Jessica Priest in New Line Cinema's “Spawn”, as well as her TV work as Margo Vincent on “Special Ops Force” and Velasca on “Xena, Warrior Princess.” Starting her career with a recurring role as Faith Taylor on “Days of Our Lives,” and appearing in the comedy movie “Hot Under the Collar”, Melinda landed the role of Julie Walker in “Return of the Living Dead.” Her excellent performance in that classic horror film earned her a top honor at the Fangora Awards. She also won a Best Actress Award in the Sitges Fantasy Film Festival for her lead performance in “Killer Tongue.” Besides her tremendous talent in acting, Melinda has several years of voice training as a Coloratura Soprano.

Director Nico Mastorakis, a veteran in the independent business of film, founder and owner of Omega Pictures and Omega Entertainment, has been writing and directing movies for over 25 years.
This is his 24th feature, with “Blind Date”, “The Wind”, “Zero Boys” and “In The Cold Of The Night” being some of his critically acclaimed, award-winning thrillers. He has written 32 screen plays and produced 32 features, among which is “The Greek Tycoon”, starring Anthony Quinn and Jacqueline Bisset. His movies have been released worldwide by prime distributors and in the U.S. by major studios (Universal, Paramount, United Artists, New Line) and have had both artistic and commercial success in every country. “.com For Murder” is his tribute to Alfred Hitchcock (the resemblance of the title to “Dial M For Murder” alone is an indication) and although dealing with a visually exciting subject, Nico directed this in the classical form of the master's suspense thrillers, casting it with classy actors and maintaining throughout the look of a modern gothic.

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